Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hair Loss Problems?

A little while ago I started experiencing hair loss. I do experience more hair loss at this time of year, but I have never experienced it as bad as it was this time round. I would brush my hair or just comb it in the shower and the biggest chunks of hair would fall out!

At first I just ignored it and hoped that it would stop, but then it started getting worse and I begun to worry. I don't really know what my reason for so much hair loss was, as sometimes it does happen when a person is going through a stressful period in their life, but at the time this has happened to me, the stressful period was well and truly over and I was feeling quite happy.

Whatever the reason was, the hair loss just wasn't going away, so I did a bit of research and I found that multivitamins and biotin in particular can help improve the condition of hair, so I decided to give them a go.

Cenovis Women's Multi & Nature's Own Biotin

I take Cenovis Women's Multi Vitamins & Minerals ($13.29 for 62 tablets at Woolworths) daily with my breakfast - make sure to eat something before taking it, as it has made me feel really nauseous every time I took it on an empty stomach. These tablets are the size of a fish oil tablet - quite big, but smooth and easy to swallow.

I take Nature's Own Biotin ($13.90 for 100 tablets at Priceline) every second or third day, as there is a possibility that this supplement will give you pimples. I have tried taking it daily and my skin started breaking out slightly, so I decided to go back to every second or third day and this is working for me. These tablets are tiny, a size of a contraception pill, so quite easy to swallow.

Recommended daily intake for Biotin is between 300mcg up to 500mcg, so make sure not to go over that limit. My multivitamins contain 150mcg, so on the days I take both multivitamins and Biotin, I take 450mcg of Biotin and when I do this for a few days in a row, my skin doesn't like it. If you decide to take these supplements, please keep this in mind and pay extra attention to your skin in case you experience some changes.

It took a few weeks for me to notice the results, but now my hair is looking much better and my hair loss is back to normal, so I'm relieved that I have found something that works for me and I thought I'd share my experience with you all in case anyone else is experiencing a similar issue J

And obviously, this goes without saying: supplements are fantastic, but they should never replace a good, healthy, balanced diet, so make sure to still eat all the good foods!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Ms Jelena xx


  1. Ms Jelena, I feel for you with the hair loss.
    I have been suffering from a high level also.
    I can be standing in the shower and clumps just fall out without me touching it.
    I hope it settles down soon. Love Elegantlee xoxo

    1. Awww that's horrible and I can totally relate!! Mine has gone back to normal and hopefully yours will too! xx

  2. Thanks for recommending the supplements. I have never thought of taking those before but kept switching shampoo. But one shampoo which really helps me is the Nioxin shampoo. It's a bit pricey but that keep my hair loss under control.

    Found your blog through blog-hop, following you. Drop by mine if you'd like:

    1. Checking yours out now! I didn't even think of switching shampoos to tell you the truth! As long as you've found something that works for you though, it's all that matters! xx

  3. Had the same problem and you really need to stop stressing out, meditate go to spa etc and in my case sto dieting just eat healthy and all should be ok!

    United Kingdom Of Fashion


    1. Yes, I'm slowly getting there! I found it so weird that the hair loss started happening once everything has calmed down, but I'm pretty sure it was stress related as my diet hasn't changed! Thanks for your lovely words! xx

  4. Loving Your page!! New follow from Blog Hop!! Definitely showing you some love across the social networks :)

    xo, Jersey Girl

    1. Welcoming you across the social networks and checking your blog out as we speak!!! xx

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